CPD Online Diary

Benefits of using the CPD Online Diary

Launched in August 2011 and now with over 8,000 registered users, the College CPD Online Diary is a ‘one stop’ solution to support consultant and career grade doctors in planning and recording their educational and professional development activities. Access to the CPD Online Diary is free to subscribing Fellows and Members of the College.

Doctors are expected to demonstrate, through appraisal, that they have reflected on their completed CPD and an activity report - providing a record of annual CPD completed and the user's reflective comments - can be generated from the CPD Online Diary. The report is available in PDF format and it can be emailed to an appraiser, printed out and taken to the appraisal meeting, or uploaded into another electronic management system.

Some of the other features of the CPD Online Diary include:

  • The opportunity to add and reflect upon completed personal activities such as e-Learning, podcasts and reading. Certificates of completion can be added to the personal activity record.
  • A searchable database of events approved by the College for CPD; users can search for events by dates, CPD Matrix topics, title and keywords, and add them to their personal portfolio.
  • A personal filing cabinet which can be used to store individual resources.
  • The CPD Online Diary can be used to set up a Personal Development Plan which can be linked through to all completed CPD activities, and generated as a PDF report.
  • A further reporting option showing which areas of the CPD Matrix have been covered by the user and where there are gaps

Web app version - CPD and Reflection 'on the go'

A web app version of the CPD Online Diary has also been developed. Fully compatible with iPads and iPhones, Android devices and Windows Phones, the web app mirrors the key functions from the desktop (full) version of the CPD Online Diary and allows for CPD activities to be added and reflected upon ‘on the go’ – even when the device is offline and there is no signal / internet connection.

Register for an account

If you are interested in using the CPD Online Diary, please follow the link below to register your interest.

Please note that when prompted to login to the online CPD system, your Username is your GMC number.

Doctors in Training Posts

For doctors in Training Posts, a trainee e-Portfolio system is available. Please see the below link for further information:

Quick Reference Guide

Please click here to view the Quick Reference Guide for the CPD Online Diary.