Technology Strategy Programme

As part of the RCoA Strategic Plan (2018-2021) the College is running a programme to enhance the use of technology, to better support our staff, members and the public.

The benefits the Technology Strategy Programme is expected to achieve, can be classified into five key areas of change:

  • better able to support all our life long learners including anaesthetists in training, consultants and SAS doctors
  • better able to engage with and inform the public and our members
  • better able to improve patient outcomes through research and innovation
  • better able to manage membership data and services
  • better able to deliver security and value for money, for all technology services.

We will be making our systems more integrated, easier to access and use, making our website more engaging and personalised for different visitors, drawing together all our data to give new insights and improve how we work, and making sure we have solid processes in place to manage how we do IT overall.

The Technology Strategy Programme (TSP) is made up of eight different workstreams:

  • start up – a short stage building on the outputs of the Technology Strategy Review to establish the aims, benefits and governance structure of the TSP
  • technology governance – rollout of governance functions, processes and a new IT support system to control how IT is procured, managed and supported
  • architecture – mapping all current technology and processes to understand how the College technology is currently set up and what changes need to be made to enable the TSP to deliver its benefits
  • lifelong learning – integrating, replacing or upgrading the range of systems used by our learners, trainers and assessors. This has produced a new Lifelong Learning platform which replaces the current e-Portfolio and includes an integrated logbook. CPD functionality will be added in 2019. A new exams management system is also in preparation.
  • engagement and public facing – upgrading or replacing our public facing systems, online membership access and communication tools to be better able to engage with and inform our stakeholders
  • internal applications – upgrading or replacing our various tools for membership management, finance, HR, document management, collaboration and remote working
  • analysis and insight – improving our data capture systems and introducing a pan College reporting and analysis capability
  • infrastructure – review the underlying technology which supports all our applications and upgrading or moving some services to be cloud hosted; to improve access to applications, data security and disaster recovery.

A top level overview of the TSP workstream timings is outlined below.

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