AaE: How to get involved

The AaE Working Group is always looking to expand the Faculty facilitating on the courses. As a member of Faculty you will have the opportunity to work with like-minded people who are all working anaesthetists with an interest in medical education. More importantly, they have an interest in developing the knowledge and skills of anaesthetists in medical education. You will also play a vital part in the continual development of current and new courses. See the current list of AaE Faculty here.

To join the AaE Faculty does require a basic knowledge of education methods but just as importantly, requires your interest and enthusiasm to teach and train anaesthetists in these vital skills. Experience of teaching and training anaesthetists is very helpful, so being a member of Faculty is more suited to senior trainees in their final years of training, consultants and non career grade anaesthetists.

All potential members of Faculty observe the courses first.  Following this, you are then invited to teach with experienced facilitators on the courses until you are comfortable “going solo”. This provides you with plenty of opportunity to become familiar with the materials used on the courses, to swap ideas and to develop your own skills and knowledge as educators. Initially we recommend doing several courses close together to consolidate knowledge and experience of facilitating on the courses. We then prefer facilitators to commit to one course a year at least, again in the interests of maintaining facilitator skills but also to help maintain the courses which require a significant number of Faculty.

We cannot guarantee that all new applicants will be asked to come and observe the courses or become confirmed members of the AaE Course Faculty. Feedback will be provided after your first teaching session. A final decision on whether you will be taken forward as member of the AaE Faculty will be at the Course Lead’s discretion after an assessment of your teaching.

Every other year there is a Faculty Development Day where the whole Faculty of all the courses has a chance to get together to discuss developments, the direction of the courses and to develop themselves as educators.

Expenses for travel and subsistence are paid in accordance with the College policy on expenses for all observers and facilitators.

So come and join a friendly, enthusiastic Faculty and be part of a programme that ensures that anaesthetists have the knowledge and skills to train and educate to the highest standards.

To register your interest, please submit a CV (describing your teaching experience) to: events@rcoa.ac.uk