Anaesthetists as Educators (AaE) Programme

The Royal College of Anaesthetists' Anaesthetists as Educators Programme supports clinical educators in delivering high quality education and training in the workplace.

The programme offers a number of professional development courses and educational resources in the areas of teaching and learning in the workplace; assessment and feedback; and educational supervision and appraisal.  Courses are held throughout the year and in the form of one or two day workshops. All of the courses are taught by practising anaesthetists.

Courses available:

The course content is mapped to the GMC’s seven domains for the recognition and approval of trainers and participation in the courses will provide supporting evidence towards the GMC approval process for trainers.

Academy of Medical Educators Course accreditation

AaE: An Introduction and AaE: Teaching and Training in the Workplace have been officially accredited by the Academy of Medical Educators. This means, that anyone who completes both courses and the associated homework (from January 2014) in the designated time period will be able to apply for Membership of the Academy without the need to complete the full application form. Instead, you will only be required to provide confirmation from the College (e.g. your CPD certificates) that you have successfully completed the accredited courses and to sign a declaration that you support the aims and values of the Academy.

For more information on the Anaesthetists as Educators AoME Course Accreditation and the benefits of becoming a member of the AoME please see the AoME Accreditation box below.

The first course of the AaE Programme that provides an introduction to postgraduate medical education in anaesthesia
This course builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the AaE: An Introduction course
A one-day course suitable for Educational Supervisors
For those interested in developing their knowledge and skills in Simulation
Information on the AaE Course Faculty and how to get involved
Includes the entire set of the AaE Course Articles and other useful resources relevant for medical educators