AaE Faculty

The AaE Course Faculty are all experienced trainers/educational supervisors in the workplace. All faculty hold (or have held) national roles as educators both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. They are leaders in their field in their own right, as well as being jobbing anaesthetists.

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Dr Pauline Morris MBBS, FRCA, PGCertMedEd
Barking Havering and Redbridge NHST, Essex

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2015


Dr Babb is a general consultant with a special interest in obstetrics, trauma and emergency surgery. She started her anaesthetic career in Barbados and moved to the UK in 2004.

As registrar she became involved in teaching on varied courses for medical students, medics and allied professionals.

As a consultant she has held various roles; HDU obstetric lead, audit lead and is an Education supervisor for foundation, core and specialty trainees.

Dr Laurence Boss M.Ed, FRCA
Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2012


Laurence has a Masters in Clinical Education and was a Conjoint Associate Lecturer at the University of New South Wales. He uses what he has learnt so far to offer multi-modal teaching to a variety of different healthcare professional groups. He is an ALS, APLS, GIC and ATLS instructor. He is a lead for undergraduate medical and nursing simulation and designs inter-professional insitu simulation training programs tailored to the exploration of human factors and improvement in non-technical skills.

Laurence is a trained mentor and uses his skill-set to offer mentees constructive conversations during periods of transition. This was also the subject of his qualitative research project for his Master’s dissertation.

Laurence is also interested in management and leadership. He has facilitated workshops designed around the Leadership Framework and also helped to devise the education programme for the Junior Doctors Leadership Group based at St Thomas’ hospital.

Dr Alison Cooper MBChB, FFARCSI, M.Ed, FRCA
Rotherham General Hospital

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2004


Dr Cooper has been actively involved in the delivery of education and training since she was a senior registrar. As a consultant, she was College tutor for 6 years and completed her M.Ed in her spare time. In 2002 she was appointed Director of Postgraduate Medical Education and has been involved at Trust and Deanery level in Faculty development work, Quality assurance and clinical teaching. As a founder member of the Society for Education in Anaesthesia she has been an active council member, Treasurer and President, contributing both by teaching and preparing learning materials. For the Anaesthetist as Educator group she has taught on the Intro course for more than 6 years, with good feedback, and on the Educational Supervisors course since it was introduced. She is currently Chair-elect of the National Association of Clinical Tutors.

Dr Teresa Dorman MBChB, FRCA, MMEd
Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2003


Dr Dorman has been a Consultant in Paediatric Anaesthesia since 1992 and, until 2003, was a consultant in Paediatric Intensive Care as well. She has a major interest in oncology and major airway surgery. During her time as a consultant she has undertaken various roles as audit chair and service organiser but her major interest has been medical education. Previously, Dr Dorman has been College Tutor (6 years), Training Program Director for 72 trainees (6 years) and is currently an Associate Postgraduate Dean in the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery (since 2009).

Dr Dorman is also currently the President of SEA UK, having been a member of its council and treasurer since 2005.
As a member of the AaE Group Dr Dorman has been the lead for AaE: An Introduction and with colleagues has overseen the redevelopment of this course to what it is today. She has also developed and directed the educational supervision training in the RCoA for consultant anaesthetists, and has been running courses on educational supervision for the AaE Programme, countrywide since 2008.

Dr Simon Edgar MBChB, FRCA, MSc
NHS Lothian

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2006


Simon Edgar is by profession a consultant anaesthetist living and working in Edinburgh.  As a clinician educator he has a Master’s degree in Medical Education from Edinburgh University and has held a number of specific roles in University, Deanery and Health Board with an education focus.

As Director of Medical Education for NHS Lothian, he has a broad ranging input into high quality clinical education for Undergraduate students and Postgraduate Doctors in training and has research interests into simulation for learning, assessment and development of faculty.

Simon is also a permanent faculty member and Educational Coordinator in the National Simulation Centre for Scotland where he takes a lead role in Faculty development both internally and in the wider Scottish context. He also contributes to simulation training in Anaesthesia and in the development of a body of experience in Non-Technical Skills and Human Factors training relating to healthcare.

Professor Kirsty Forrest MBChB, BSc Hons, FRCA, MMEd, FAcadMEd
Macquarie University

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2004


Kirsty has recently left UK shores to work in sunny Sydney, Australia, before then she was a consultant at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust. Her current role is as Director of Medical Education at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine at Macquarie University. Her clinical specialities are orthopaedic and spinal anaesthesia. She has been involved in educational research for 10 years and awarded funding via a University Fellowship and the Higher Education Academy. She is a faculty member and director for the Anaesthetist as Educators workshops at the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) and also a member of the Anaesthetist as Educator committee at the RCoA. Kirsty was previously the co-opted member for SEAUK on the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) research council.

Kirsty is co-author and editor of a number of best-selling medical textbooks including 'How to teach continuing medical education', 'Essential guide to acute care', 'How to assess health care professionals' and 'Essential simulation in clinical education'.

Dr Ronnie J Glavin MB, ChB, MPhil, FRCA, FRCP (Glas), FAcMedEd, Certificate in Medical Education
Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow

Member of AaE Faculty since: Founder member of Faculty, 1999


Dr Glavin was appointed as a consultant in 1989, was awarded a certificate in Medical Education from Glasgow University and went on to graduate Master of Philosophy in Education Studies in 1993.  Dr Glavin served as College Tutor, Deputy Regional Advisor 2002-2003 and served as Educational Development Officer for RCA.

Outside of College Dr Glavin served as Educational Co-Director of Scottish Clinical Simulation Centre, Postgraduate Clinical Tutor and Associate Postgraduate Dean. Served as Associate Editor for the journal Simulation in Healthcare. One of the three clinicians who, in collaboration with Industrial Psychologists, developed the Anaesthetists’ Non-Technical Skills system.

Dr Alexander Goodwin MBBS, DA(UK), FRCA, FFICM
Royal United NHS Foundation Trust, Bath

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2000


Dr Goodwin trained at St Thomas’s and following 8 years in the Royal Navy, serving with the Royal Marines and at sea continued anaesthetic training in Cambridge and Oxford. He was appointed as a consultant in Bath in 1994.

He was the RCoA College Tutor for 6 years and the first Director of Education for the Severn School of Anaesthesia. He was a RCoA Fellowship examiner for 10 years and now runs the RCoA Final FRCA course. He previously set up and ran the Bristol/Bath Primary FRCA course. He has an interest in communication skills.

Dr Jo Kerr MBChB, FRCA
Yeovil District Hospital

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2013


Jo has been a consultant in rural Somerset since 2001, and has always taken a keen interest in education from her days as a trainee in the North West, when she obtained her Certificate in Medical Education. Having 3 children in the past 10 years has not put her off education, and she has been College Tutor at Yeovil since 2010, and Core Training Programme Director for the Severn Deanery since 2013.

She was a founder member of the Society for Education in Anaesthesia and was a council member of SEA for many years, during which time she assisted and taught on many SEA- organised workshops and conferences. She has also been a Generic Instructor Course faculty member for many years and often wins the prize for the best acting in role play!

She believes that teaching should be fun and relevant, and should inspire the next generation of young anaesthetists to learn to be good anaesthetists rather than just to tick boxes.

Dr Christopher Leng
Northampton General Hospital 

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2010


Chris is currently the Clinical Director for the Anaesthetics, Critical Care, Theatres, Pain and Preoperative assessment Directorate at Northampton General Hospital. His clinical responsibilities lie within the Intensive Care Unit, paediatric anaesthesia and major uro-oncology.

Chris has developed several educational courses, including the 2 day New Tutors meeting at the RCoA and a regional paediatric anaesthesia study day. He has contributed to on line teaching material for interviewer training and to the e-learning for health anaesthesia project.

Elected to Council of SEA UK in March 2011, he has recently taken on the role of Treasurer. In the last 12 months Chris has run several workshops; College Tutor support (at New Tutors meeting, London), Learning and the middle aged brain (SEA UK ASM, Liverpool) and ‘Significant Incident’ analysis (Educational Supervisors day, Sheffield).

Dr Rob McCahon FRCA, MMedSci
Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2010


Rob is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Queen’s Medical Centre, where he anaesthetises for major Spinal, Maxillo-facial and Trauma surgery.  He has been actively involved in the creation, delivery and evaluation of medical education since he was a senior trainee.  He was awarded a Masters in Medical Education by the University of Nottingham in 2010. 

Rob has recently equipped and developed a multi-disciplinary training room within the main theatres complex at the Queen’s Medical Centre.  His intention is to develop this as an accessible educational resource for patient benefit by using a multi-disciplinary faculty to deliver bite-size education during the normal working day that is relevant to the clinical roles of healthcare professionals working in the operating room environment.  In addition, as the RCoA/DAS Airway Lead for the Trust he is responsible for the ongoing training of all staff in difficult airway management.  He represents SEA UK Council at the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) Research Council, and is also the Specialist Society representative on the NIAA Board.

Dr John Peacock MBChB, FRCA
Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield  

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2006


Dr Peacock trained in Sheffield and the USA prior to appointment, first as a Senior Lecturer in 1990 and then as consultant. He has previous educational experience as college tutor, regional advisor and programme director and is now an Associate Postgraduate Dean in Yorkshire and an examiner for the RCoA Primary exam.

Dr Mark Piper MBChB, BSc (Med Sci), FRCA, PGCE, Cert med
Wansbeck General Hospital

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2006


Mark Piper is a general anaesthetist and has been the Foundation Programme Tutor at Wansbeck since 2008. He has had a recognised education role since starting as a consultant in 2003. Mark has been involved in delivering and supporting undergraduate and postgraduate education throughout his consultant career.

Dr Yathish Rangappa


Dr Yathish Rangappa is a consultant anaesthetist & an educational supervisor at Hairmyres Hospital, in Scotland. He completed all his anaesthetic training in Glasgow. An anatomy demonstrator’s role immediately after his house jobs intrigued him, and he has been in teaching roles since then. He has been teaching at The Scottish Clinical Simulator at Larbert, and The Medical Education Training Centre at Kirklands, Lanarkshire. A facilitator & and an examiner at University of Glasgow Medical School since 2007, he is with AaE since 2012, teaching on the introductory and the advanced courses. He is also an elected member of the Scottish Standing Committee of the AAGBI since 2013. 

Dr Craig Renfrew MB(Hons), MD, FRCA, PDCE
Ulster Hospital, Belfast


Dr Craig Renfrew is a consultant anaesthetist and his main clinical interest is in paediatric day care and maxillofacial anaesthesia. He has also recently started and is developing a ‘High Risk Preassessment Service’.

Dr Renfrew has been interested in postgraduate education since his appointment as a consultant and has held the roles of College Tutor for Anaesthesia, Foundation Programme Director and is presently the Director of Medical Education for the South Eastern Trust in Northern Ireland. He recently was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Education (with distinction) by the Queen’s University of Belfast. As well as being involved in the AaE Programme in the College, he has been heavily involved in simulation training for anaesthesia trainees in the Northern Ireland Deanery. He helped to design and deliver the ‘Going Solo’ course to starter trainees and regularly delivers the ‘REACT Course’ to senior trainees.

Dr Ben J Shippey FRCA, FRCPE, FFICM, BM, BS, BMedSci(Hons)
Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, Dundee

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2012


Dr Shippey is a graduate of the University of Nottingham medical school who trained first as a physician in the Midlands, then subsequently as an anaesthetist and intensivist in South East Scotland. He has been heavily involved with medical education throughout his clinical career, firstly, like many, as an advanced life support instructor, which introduced him to the world of simulated clinical activity. This led to his more recent employment as educational coordinator responsible for undergraduate and acute care at the Scottish Centre for Simulation and Clinical Human Factors. Dr Shippey has collaborated with simulation centres in the Netherlands and Germany to produce a high-fidelity simulation resource for the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, and sat on the steering group which implemented the Competency-Based training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe (CoBaTrICE) project. He has lectured on simulation, and assessment, and has published book chapters and journal articles on the principles and practice of simulation based learning.

Dr Shippey was the Royal College of Anaesthetists College Tutor In NHS Fife, and for the last two years have been the RCoA Lead Tutor. He is currently involved with the development of a curriculum for perioperative medicine. His main educational interest is in immersive simulation as a technique used to teach non-technical skills, and has developed courses using this technique in the context of undergraduate acute care, intensive care, and inter-hospital transfer medicine.

Dr Shippey took up his post as Director of Clinical Skills in September 2014 and is looks forward to developing and expanding the activities of the Clinical Skills Centre, with a focus on non-technical skills, mastery learning of procedural skills, and postgraduate training. 

Dr Stephanie Sim MBChB, MRCP, FRCA
NHS Tayside- Ninewells Hospital and Perth Royal Infirmary

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2010


Stephanie did her anaesthetics training in Scotland and Out of Program in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2009 while she was the Teaching Fellow for the anaesthetics department in Dundee she attended the RCoA ‘Teaching Methods Workshop’ and so was delighted that she was able to come back and join the faculty of this course, which has evolved into ‘Teaching and Training in the Workplace’. Now a consultant anaesthetist in Tayside she has regular involvement in the undergraduate teaching programme at the University of Dundee Medical School and tries to make in-theatre teaching and learning a daily occurrence for people of all grades.  

Dr Liz Spencer BM, DM, FRCA, DipMedEd
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2011


Liz was an ITU consultant from 1993 - 2002 and the Director of Medical Education in Gloucestershire from 1999-2010. She obtained her diploma in medical education from the University of Bristol in 2005 and a Certificate in Executive Leadership Coaching in 2010. She has been involved with NACT UK since 2004, was Chair from 2006-9 and continues as Education Adviser delivering Workshops and Leadership programmes for Leaders in Medical Education. She created a Faculty Development programme locally and has delivered workshops nationally & internationally on Managing Doctors in Difficulty, Teaching & Training, and Coaching & Leadership. She is passionate about supporting and developing doctors and has recently established her own business DoctorsTraining. 

Dr Ben Ulyatt MBChB, FRCA
Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2011


I started training in Edinburgh and Sydney, for a combined CCT in A&E and ICU. Once I actually saw the light, I took up anaesthetic training in Edinburgh and became a consultant in Tayside in 2010. My interest in teaching was first sparked when I started teaching ALS and EPLS in 2003. As a trainee, I was a lecturer, and continue the interest as anaesthetic lead for teaching 5th year medical students. On the post graduate side I am a clinical and educational supervisor, lead for neuro-anaesthesia, and teach on the Scottish Clinical Supervision course.

Dr Simon Walton
Eastbourne District General Hospital

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2009


Simon Walton has been a Consultant in Anaesthesia at a busy DGH for 10 years. His clinical subspecialties are Critical Care, Orthopaedics and Trauma. He has a master’s degree in Medical Ethics and Law and is Chair of the Brighton and Sussex NHS Research Ethics Committee and Chair of East Sussex Healthcare Consent and Clinical Ethics Committee.

He has had a strong interest in Medical Education having been a College Tutor at Eastbourne DGH and a board member of the KSS School of Anaesthesia for 6 years. He is now a Clinical Tutor at Eastbourne. He also co- runs the South Coast Training Group that provides training courses for the KSS Deanery He is a member of SEA UK and NACT. He is an ATLS, ALS and EPLS instructor. He is particularly interested in the ethics of clinical teaching.

Dr Sean Williamson MBChB, DA(UK), FRCA, PGCertMedEd, MCMI, MAcadMedEd
James Cook University Hospital Middlesbrough

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2007


Sean Williamson has held generic and specialty educational management posts including College Tutor, Foundation Tutor and Director of Postgraduate Medical education in his Trust. However he enjoys the personal delivery of the AaE courses and inspiring the next generation of teachers.

Dr Catherine Ward MBBSs BSC FRCA pgdip medical education
Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2014


Cath graduated from the Royal London Hospital in 1997 and has been a Consultant Anaesthetist at Derriford hospital, Plymouth since 2010, specialising in Head and Neck, Neurosurgery and Upper GI and liver anaesthesia.

Cath has a special interest in team performance and non-technical skills in medicine. She has recently become an anaesthetic Non-technical Skills trainer for the Royal College of anaesthetists and aspires to become part of “Anaesthetists as Educators Faculty” for the RCA.  She set up the Human Factors in Healthcare research group at the University of Plymouth and has just completed a study with Professor Judy Edworthy, using the NOTECHS II assessment tool, simulation training and safety culture. She has received a grant and finished mentoring a HESW fellow to extend simulation beyond theatres to the medical and surgical wards to improve responses and escalation of the deteriorating patient. This year the team has applied for a further grant to look at latent errors and ergonomics of patient care at PHNT. She holds a diploma in clinical education; her dissertation focusses on team performance in endoscopy and clinical outcomes. She is the Educational Supervisor for a surgical MD fellow as part of the research team.

She set up and directs “Headstart”, a nationally recognised Neuro-simulation course which has delivered specialty training to over 150 anaesthetists.  She is a core member of  theatre team training faculty at Derriford having reached over 300 staff with monthly in situ-training, for 6 years and is the director of the new difficult airway course “SHARC” at Derriford.

She set up the “Human Factors in Healthcare SIM 715” diploma level module and is part of the faculty on the Patient Safety and Simulation Masters for the Plymouth School of Medicine. She is very active in education providing training, at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Dr Alistair May FRCA
Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board

Member of AaE Faculty since: 2014


Dr May’s preferred vehicles for teaching and training are facilitation and simulation.   He has been involved with simulation since 2009 and is the Associate Director of the Scottish Centre for Simulation and Clinical Human Factors scschf.org (a National Simulation Centre). Currently, his main interest and focus of work lies in simulation faculty development and “train the trainers” type courses. An expert in immersive simulation, but also in the past he has designed and implemented national and international self-contained simulation based learning packages and he has considerable experience in delivering simulation focused on non-technical skills learning. He has completed, presented and published several pieces of work regarding Education in the Workplace, Simulation for anaesthesia, Anaesthetists Non-Technical Skills and Simulation faculty development.  If you want some help with implementing simple simulation in your own workplace-ask Al; “his brain works differently".


Dr Jan Schumacher
Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Member of AaE Faculty since: 2017


Dr Jan Schumacher is a consultant in the anaesthetic department at Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust since 2005. He is a keen educationalist and the departmental lead for the Trusts Pre-Fellowship teaching since 2008. Dr Schumacher is also very active in educational research with a focus on high fidelity simulation.

He is an Examiner for the European Diploma of Anaesthesia and was formerly Associate Professor in Anaesthesia at the University of Luebeck and a Professor in Anaesthesia (APL-Professor) at the University of Duesseldorf, Germany.

Dr Schumacher has been an educational supervisor at his Trust for more than ten years, is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at King's College London and a regular panellist at ARCP's at the London Deanery.

Dr Schumacher was awarded membership of the Academy of Medical Educators (MAcadMEd) in March 2018.