Educational Resources

AaE: Course Articles
These articles are designed to complement the Anaesthetists as Educators courses. They offer the reader: topic synopses, activities, tasks, reflections and evidence of progression. The RCoA 2010 Curriculum acts as a framework. However, each article is written from the perspective of the developing educator’. It is hoped that any grade or level of anaesthetist could make use of the material and find it both stimulating and challenging.

Each article includes:

  • Intended learning outcomes – mapped to the RCoA 2010 Syllabus/Curriculum.
  • Activities – pre-course endeavours that mirror the Basic, Intermediate and Higher stages of learning employed by the RCoA 2010 Curriculum.
  • Tasks – mini-assignments designed to spark interest, help link information to individual experiences and promote active learning.
  • Reflections – intended to encourage deeper thinking and understanding of the subject.
  • Evidence of progression – utilising the Basic, Intermediate and Higher stages of the learning framework offered by the RCoA 2010 Curriculum. It suggests opportunities that the reader might use to demonstrate the competencies required for appraisal and/or revalidation systems.
  • Further reading – key articles that act as signposts to further learning.
  • RCoA 2010 Syllabus Key – listing.