The Academy of Medical Educators Course Accreditation

The Anaesthetist as Educators Courses, AaE: An Introduction and AaE:Teaching and Training in the Workplace, were officially accredited by the Academy of Medical Educators in January 2014. This means, that anyone who completes both courses and the associated coursework (from January 2014) in the designated time period* will be able to apply for Membership of the Academy without the need to complete the full application form. Instead, you will only be required to provide confirmation from the College (e.g. your CPD certificates) that you have successfully completed the accredited courses and to sign a declaration that you support the aims and values of the Academy.

*In order to be eligible you will have had to complete the AaE: Teaching and Training in the Workplace course within 18 months of attending AaE: An Introduction and have completed the associated homework for each course in the stipulated timeframes. Please visit the respective AaE Course Programme pages on our website for more details on the required homework for each course.

Membership of the Academy allows the use of the post-nominal letters MAcadMEd and signifies that the individual has been judged to meet the Academy’s Standards.


Why Join the Academy?

  • For a means to demonstrate your skills and competence (through Membership or Fellowship) when you apply for promotion or revalidation support for career development
  • Access to a network of medical educators and Special Interest Groups, and access to the professional standards to identify areas of personal development
  • International recognition; post-nominal letters MAcadMEd or FAcadMEd signify expertise in medical education
  • News and publications; including their quarterly journal Excellence in Medical Education, monthly newsletters and updates from the President of the Academy
  • Opportunities to influence policy, by contributing to the Academy’s policy development
  • Access to prizes and awards, and support for Clinical Excellence and other awards.

Please click here for a list of benefits of AoME membership.


Membership rates

There is a range of membership grades (Associate, Member and Fellow) designed to support the practice and professional development of those new to medical education, as well as develop and challenge those who have built successful careers in the sector. For information on the respective membership grades please click here.

  Salary above £60K Salary below £60K
Fellowship £183 £90
Membership £150 £73
Associate Membership £60 £46
Student Member* £25 (flat rate)

*NB: There is an additional £25 application fee for fellow and membership applications


Application for Membership

The AoME’s membership application form offers the 'fast track' route for those that have completed the accredited AaE courses, you can access the online application form here. Those applying for membership via the accreditation (streamlined) route must have completed the accredited course within the previous two years. The course must have been accredited by the Academy of Medical Educators at the date of completion.  All other applicants should use the standard route for application.

Please ensure that you read the Information and Guidance for Applicants before completing your application. This guidance should be read in conjunction with other supporting documentation available to applicants: the Professional Standards 2012 and guidance for referees, and peer reviewers

If you have attended both AaE: An Introduction and AaE: Teaching and Training in the Workplace and have completed the associated pre and post coursework you do not have to complete the 'professional development, peer review of educational practice and reflection' section of the online application form. Once you have uploaded evidence of completing the accredited AaE courses (e.g. CPD certificates) the form will simply skip past the unnecessary sections for your application.

Should you require any further clarification or help regarding this please feel free to contact us: