Considering a Career in Anaesthesia

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If you are interested in a career in anaesthesia, pain medicine or intensive care, we can support you into your career with the specialty. 


Anaesthetists work in the operating theatre, intensive care, obstetric units and in pain management
The steps from Medical School through to completion of training
A framework for medical student education in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain and perioperative medicine
Enter anaesthesia directly from Foundation or after spending time in a complementary specialty
The Training Programme and the Curriculum
Trainees in anaesthesia are appointed through a national process
What are the different grades of anaesthetist that work in hospitals?
Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) and Physicians' Assistant (Anaesthesia) (PA(A)s)
Information for medical students who are considering a career in anaesthesia
This brochure is for students who may have already considered a career in anaesthesia
Six anaesthetists share their personal experiences and views on their career in anaesthesia so far