Anaesthesia-related Professionals

The Anaesthesia Related Professionals Committee (ARPC) has responsibility to advise College Council on all topics regarding non-medically qualified members of the anaesthesia team in hospitals. Previously this also included Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCPs) in its remit; however, this role is now managed more directly by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM).

Key objectives

  • Support Anaesthesia Associates in their drive towards regulation.
  • Review and update the Anaesthesia Associates curriculum and scope of practice.
  • Work with the clinical lead for Anaesthesia Associates and the lead HEI to enhance and promote the PA(A) role.
  • Work with the AAGBI to review current work patterns of Anaesthesia Associates and their impact on service.
  • Work with the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine as the lead organisation for Advanced Critical Care Practitioners (ACCP) where there are joint work streams.
  • Liaise with colleagues representing the roles of Operating Department Practitioners and Anaesthetic Nurses to ensure collaborative and complementary working.


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