Curriculum Review - Anaesthetic CCT Curriculum 2020


The current curriculum for a CCT in Anaesthetics was published in 2010. Although a comprehensive review was undertaken in 2015 and changes have been made, the details within the annexes have remained as initially written, and further feedback within the anaesthetic community indicates that there remains room for improvement.
In 2017 the GMC published a new document Excellence by design: standards for postgraduate curricula  which requires the curricula for all medical specialties to be revised by 2020, and to comply with certain requirements:

  • curricula must introduce Generic Professional Capabilities
  • curricula must be structured round a limited number of ‘specialty learning outcomes’- activities that describe the work of an independent clinician in each particular discipline
  • each College must demonstrate stakeholder involvement in developing their curriculum
  • assessment burden is to be reduced and a ‘tick-box’ approach avoided.

Implementation of the recommendations of The Shape of Training Report also requires all Colleges/Faculties to review their training programmes and curricula content to ensure they fulfill the following key principles of the report, which are that the curriculum:

  • takes account of and describes how the [revised curriculum] proposal will better support the needs of patients and service providers
  • ensures that the proposed CCT curriculum equips doctors with the generic skills to participate in the acute unselected take and to provide continuity of care thereafter
  • where appropriate describes how the proposal would better support the delivery of care in the community
  • describes how the proposal will support a more flexible approach to training
  • describes the role that credentialing will play in delivering the specialist and sub-specialist components of the curriculum.


This will be a complex project and we must rewrite the anaesthetic curriculum and submit a proposal to the GMC by December 2020 at the latest. We have established a curriculum working group to undertake a wholesale review and to deliver this project, and our aim is to provide a programme of learning and assessment that meet the needs of our specialty, supports the pursuit of excellence and allows learners to flourish.


The GMC has mandated that these elements are included
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