Excellence, Grants and College Medals

Research, Education and Travel Grants

The National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) has several small grants funded by the Royal College of Anaesthetists for the purpose of supporting research, education or travel connected with the study of anaesthesia. Priority will be given to educational projects, the presentation of original work or the provision of education to developing countries.  Please go to the NIAA website for further information.

Honours, Awards and Prizes

The criteria against which the various honours, awards and prizes awarded by Council of the Royal College of Anaesthetists have developed over time. Any Fellow can suggest nominations to be formally considered by Council through the Nominations Committee.  This Committee is the most senior Committee of Council, chaired by the Senior Vice-President, and including the President and other Vice-President, Senior Councillors and the Chief Executive. The Committee normally meets twice yearly although electronic communications are used if significant honours are being considered for specific events. The Secretary to the Nominations Committee co-ordinates this process and is the primary point of contact for proposed nominations. The decision of the Nominations Committee is ratified by Council without appeal.  The process meets all the requirements related to discrimination legislation.

Please see below for further information, including past recipients of all the College's medals, awards and prizes or contact the Nominations Committee Secretary for further information.

ACCEA and Clinical Excellence Awards

Information on Clinical Excellence Awards can be found here.