Examinerships and Teaching Roles

How to become an Examiner
Applications for FRCA Examinerships are considered each year to fill vacancies in FRCA examiner boards. The College will not countenance discrimination of any kind, whether on grounds of gender, ethnic origin or any other factor.  For further details of the criteria and procedure for applying to become an examiner, please click here.  All applications must be submitted directly to the Examinations Department.

How to become a teacher and assessor
The College register of approved trainers has been suspended. If an SAS doctor would like to teach and assess anaesthesia trainees, they must meet the following College approved criteria for trainers and assessors. 

The following criteria should be met for a consultant, locum consultant, staff and associate specialist, and trainee to act as a trainer/assessor:

  • Successful completion of a trainers course [eg train the trainers];
  • Understanding of the structure of the training programme and content of the curriculum;
  • Aptitude to teach;
  • Regular clinical commitment;
  • Evidence of recent CPD relevant to current clinical practice;
  • Annual assessment or appraisal by a consultant anaesthetist;
  • Willingness to complete the necessary training documentation mandated in the curriculum and by the School of Anaesthesia;
  • Willingness to provide a post training session debrief including feedback on performance; and
  • Ability to detect the failing trainee.
  • Successfully completed a course on assessment and assessment tools;
  • Aptitude for assessment;
  • Understanding of the assessment system described in the curriculum; and
  • Willingness to assess the trainee and complete the necessary documentation including a post assessment debrief.

It is a College Tutor responsibility to ensure that the trainers and assessors used within the Trust meet the above criteria and whether the individual is used for training and assessment duties.

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