Quality Management of Training (QMT)

What Is the Quality Management of Training and how does the College link in with key stakeholders?
The activities of the QMT consist of information gathering, analysing and sharing of quality of Training information between the College, Deanery and Schools of Anaesthesia.

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External Advisers
The College participates directly with the GMC Quality Improvement Framework on a quality management level by providing specialist advice on the processes and evaluation of specialty training. College External Advisers are selected and approved by the College to provide representation on Deanery Hospital Visits and ARCP panels. The external advisers are expected to complete an external report shortly after the event.

Workforce Planning
The QMT has called on Schools of Anaesthesia to collate information on Workforce Planning. The data is useful to the College in providing a ‘snap shot’ of trainee numbers and their movement within the training programme.  Means of collating more robust data is proving difficult and the College has formed a Workforce Planning Strategy Group consisting of Health Departments and other interested parties to help collate up to date data on Workforce Planning.  The Purpose of the group is to develop and produce a workforce which matches the needs of the four nations and can deliver the best care to patients to ensure optimal outcomes and facilitate quality improvements.

College Support to Deaneries for Post Programme Approval
If in line with the curriculum, the QMT provides support to deaneries for their application to the GMC for specialty training programmes.  The GMC informs the College and the Deanery of the approval of the Maximum Training Capacity (MTC) for specialty programmes. 

The QMT data is received in the following sources:

The information helps provide a triangulation of information for the Quality Management process.