Pain Medicine

Pain medicine describes the work of specially qualified medical practitioners who undertake the comprehensive management of patients with acute, chronic and cancer pain using physical, pharmacological, interventional and psychological techniques in a multidisciplinary setting.

Acute pain management in surgical patients is a major role for the anaesthetists treating patients prior to surgery, during surgery and post surgery. Chronic and cancer pain on the other hand is more specialised, therefore anaesthetists who treat chronic and cancer pain are specifically trained to do so.

In the anaesthesia training programme, all trainees receive training in acute pain at the basic level and acute and chronic pain at the intermediate level. For those trainees with an interest in pain medicine can specialise by completing pain medicine at the higher and advanced training levels. Advanced pain medicine includes the more specialised areas of:

  • Spinal chord stimulation
  • Paediatric pain medicine
  • Cancer pain, and
  • Intrathecal drug delivery

The Faculty of Pain Medicine manage the content of the pain medicine training in collaboration with the RCoA. Additional information on pain medicine can be found on the Faculty’s website.