Types of LTFT Training Programmes

Slot sharing is the term used when two (or three) trainees are placed by their LETB/Deanery into one (or two) full time training slots (two trainees 60% = 1.2 FTE / 3 trainees 60% = 1.8 FTE [FTE = full time equivalent]).

Arranging a slot share involves advice from the Programme Director and the LTFT Lead for the School and takes into account training requirements and geographical constraints. Trainees do not need to be in the same year of training to become a slot share and slot sharing partnerships can be changed as necessary. The trainees share the out of hours work associated with the full time slot but may work the same days during the week, a factor that will be influenced by external factors and arrangements and availability of educational opportunities. Slot shares are most difficult to arrange where there are few LTFT trainees and in Schools which cover a large geographical area.  For an explanation of how the LTFT salary contribution LETB vs LEP is calculated, please refer to Equitable Pay for Flexible Medical Training.

The College is aware of the lack of flexibility in some regions where only 50% slot shares are offered. The College recommendation minimum for LTFT of 60% is based on 2010 survey of LTFT trainees and their views on training and career progression but the College is unable to mandate any percentage to employers.

In view of the financial implications of 60-70% slot shares, the LETB/Deanery alternative is to offer working reduced hours in a full time slot which has implications for the LEP/department as gaps then appear on the rota.

Supernumerary placements for LTFT are now the exception rather than the norm. An individual post is created for a named person who is an additional trainee within a department These posts must have prospective GMC approval if they fall outside the maximum training capacity for a School of Anaesthesia.

Calculation of completion of training date
Please keep the Training Directorate informed about all changes to your training e.g. maternity leave, career breaks, sick leave, accrued annual leave and percentage LTFT to enable an accurate estimate of prospective CCT date to be calculated.

A provisional CCT date is calculated on the percentage of full-time hours the trainee works and it is acknowledged this may vary between hospitals. LTFT hours are given to the nearest 5%. Completion of training dates are not calculated until the trainee has entered ST5.

Post CCT period of grace
All trainees (FT/LTFT) are entitled to a six calendar month period of grace on completion of training.