Recommended Standards of Clinical Practice

The RCoA is committed to setting the highest standards for anaesthesia services and patient care, and providing the guidance anaesthetists need to meet these standards.


Guidance and standards documents are works in progress in which a balance must be struck between expert opinion and evidence, and satisfactory and excellent standards. They do not replace the need for experienced clinical judgement exercised by individual anaesthetists in the best interests of their patients, but they are very much intended to support this. 

The document Guidelines for the Provision of Anaesthetic services (GPAS) aims to set out best quality standards of practice, providing both generic principles of anaesthesia care, and detailed comprehensive guidance for the sub-specialty areas. Other clinical guidance documents from the RCoA and intercollegiate working parties are included via the Clinical Standards Publications section.

Guidelines for the Provision of Anaesthetic Services (GPAS): the RCoA's core set of clinical guidelines
Audit templates that can be used by departments and clinicians, updated for 2012
Information that provide a toolkit for anaesthetic teams to use to prevent wrong site block from occurring
Information from the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG)
Instant access to guidelines, care pathways and drug information via NHS Evidence
It is recommended that all clinicians involved in the management of airways should watch this video