Online CPD Diary FAQs

I am having trouble logging in to the CPD Online Diary, can you help?
When logging in, your “Username” is your GMC number and please check that you have entered this correctly. If you have completed the 'Forgotten your login details' form, your password reset will be sent to the email address which you originally used to register for the system.

If you are still experiencing difficulties when trying to log in to the system, please contact

How do I change my Cycle 1 start date?
This will need to be amended by the College CPD Team – please email with your College Reference Number and the revised start date. Please note that if your appraisal date has changed you can still generate a report of your CPD activity for a defined period of time. Please see the “Note” under the “Full Report option” here.

I am doing online learning and have a BJA Education MCQ certificate – can I add this to my records in the system?
You should add this as a “Personal Activity” and full details about how to do this are available in the Quick Reference Guide here.

My BJA Education MCQ certificate shows 0.4 CPD credits but how do I record this amount?
For the completion of an online BJA Education module, one CPD credit is available for one hour’s worth of reading plus the successful completion of the four associated MCQs. The 0.4 credits wording only applies to the MCQ component

I attended a CPD event last month but it does not appear in the 'Past Events' section. How can I record it?
The CPD Online Diary only includes details of events where the event provider has requested an evaluation for CPD credits. If the event which you attended has not been evaluated in this way you will need to add it as a “Personal Activity”. As with all CPD activities completed, you will need to reflect on what you have learnt and consider the impact on your patients and the services in which you work.

I have entered and reflected upon some CPD into the CPD Online Diary although under "Reports" the on-screen table which says "Completed CPD Credits" is not showing the correct total - why is this?
This happens on rare occasions if, for example, you have added more than 10 CPD credits for the activity of Delivering Education in any one Cycle (year). The reason for this is that when the CPD Online Diary was launched in September 2011 the College had some different rules in place for the recording of CPD – specifically, maximum limits were put in place for the recording of certain types of activities and for Delivering Education it was a maximum of 10 CPD credits per year. Whilst the ‘missing’ CPD credits do not show up in the “Completed CPD Credits” online table they always appear in full when you print your CPD Activity Summary (PDF report) which is the main report that doctors use for their appraisal.

The updated RCoA Guidance on CPD, published in January 2013, does not now stipulate a ceiling as to how many CPD credits a doctor can claim for most of their CPD activities and the focus is instead on meeting minimum credit levels, i.e. 20 external / 20  internal (of which 10 should be from local clinical governance meetings) towards the recommended minimum of 50 credits each year. There is still a strong focus on maintaining a broad-based CPD portfolio although that is not so rigidly applied as by having the maximum limits in place as previously.

How will the CPD Online Diary recognise that I have taken a period of extended absence from work (e.g. sick leave, maternity leave)?
There is an option for recording any special circumstances and these will appear in the CPD activity report. When you return to work we recommend, where possible that you make up any shortfalls in CPD within a five year period.

Is the CPD Online Diary available for use by anaesthetists who are not College members?
No, it is a benefit of membership of the College and Faculties of Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine and so is only available to subscribing Fellows and Members.

I attended a College event recently, how do I get my attendance certificate?
All Certificates of Attendance are given out to attending delegates at the end of each event, unless otherwise stated. If you require a copy of your certificate please contact the Events Team at quoting either your College Reference Number or GMC Number.

Will my data be secure?
The data is backed up by the software provider, so if there are any technical problems, your data will not be lost. The CPD Online Diary cannot be accessed by any third parties. Your account and records will only be accessed by the College CPD Team for support reasons and only if requested by the user.

Do I need to back-up my work?
All data stored on the system is automatically backed up hourly.

Who else can see and access my data?
The system cannot be accessed by any third parties. It will only be accessed by the College CPD Team for support reasons and only when requested by the user.

Who can I contact about the CPD Online Diary?
For any further information please contact the CPD Team at, Tel: 020 7092 1729.