Expenses Claim Form


RCoA expenses guidance summary

The RCoA values and thanks all representatives for their endeavours in supporting College activities. To ensure the quick reimbursement of expenditure incurred on official College business, please follow the guidelines below and submit a College expense claim form with the required supporting documentation.

The College’s expense policy can be summarised as follows:

Category Reimbursement level
Air Economy class
Rail Standard or first class – preferably the most economic fare
Taxi Between home and nearest station/airport and from College or venue to appropriate station
London transport Oyster journey history, eg tube/DLR/bus
Other public transport Tram/coach /bus/ferry
Car/motorcycle/bicycle mileage claim*  45p/24p/20p per mile (effective rate as determined by HMRC)
Other charges Car park/tolls/congestion charge
Accommodation Overnight accommodation** – £197.00 per night
Subsistence £35 per day***

Note: All claims except car travel require receipts. No payment will be made for claims submitted after six months.
For those entitled to claim expenses, please submit a completed RCoA Expenses Claim Form (see above for link). Completed forms can be submitted by post for the attention of the Finance Department or emailed to finance@rcoa.ac.uk.

*Mileage claims will be verified for reasonableness by using Google Maps or similar software.
**If any overnight stay is necessary to the activity.
***Meals may include the cost of alcohol but must be consumed on premise with food and not exceed 50% of the claim. Where a claim is submitted for a restaurant bill for a group of College representatives, the back of the receipt must be signed by each representative.

Overarching principles

  • Consideration should be given to obtaining the most cost effective fare for all travel.
  • Where expenses are incurred in foreign currencies, the amounts should be clearly shown in that currency.
  • The College does not pay ‘flat rate’ expenses. Paying round sum amounts, which are not supported by actual expenditure receipts, creates a tax liability for the individual and College.
  • Approved expense claims will be reimbursed via credit transfer direct to the individual’s bank account.
  • Where a claimant is uncertain if a claim is acceptable, please seek advice from your College contact prior to purchase.

Please note the following key requirements

  • Claim it or lose it – six month time limit for submission of claims from the date of expenditure.
  • All expenses submitted with the exception of mileage claims must be supported by receipts. VAT invoices/receipts should be obtained where you can.
  • No first class open rail fares without prior authorisation.


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