What is e-LA?

Written and edited by anaesthetists, e-LA covers the knowledge and key concepts that underpin the anaesthetic curriculum and will help trainees prepare for the FRCA examination. The learning material is presented as a structured series of bite-sized e-Learning sessions and also includes access to an extensive e-Library of articles and interactive MCQ sessions to support continued professional development in anaesthesia.

Modules 1-7 are mapped to the Core Training Curriculum as detailed below.

Please click on the Module number to view or download the list of sessions and workbook for that Module.

Specialty Training and CPD for Consultants/SAS Doctors

e-LA includes additional modules to support intermediate and higher specialist training as well as CPD for consultants/SAS Doctors. These modules contain a combination of e-Learning sessions and articles/MCQs from CEACCP/BJA Education mapped to the intermediate and higher curriculum modules.

The e-Library contains the entire back catalogue of articles from CEACCP and BJA Education along with their associated MCQs.