The College is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards for its Examination.  In order to maintain this position, the FRCA Examiners and the Examinations Directorate rigorously quality assures all its processess and actively engages in research and ongoing development work to ensure the pre-eminence of the FRCA.










Exams News

13 Jun 2019
Today the College Chair of the Anaesthetic...
10 Sep 2018
Example questions now available A number of...
03 Aug 2018
In preparation for the move away from Short...
19 Oct 2017
A new 3D virtual tour of the Royal College of...

Rules and Regulations governing the Exams.
The Exam Syllabus is linked to the Training Curriculum
Exams calendar for the current and following year, together with application forms for each exam
To sit the FRCA Exams, you must be a member of the College or apply for Temporary Exam Eligibility (TEE)
Support and guidance for candidates who have had multiple exam failures
You may apply to attend the FRCA examination as a visitor if you meet certain criteria
Appointments to the Boards of Examiners of the Primary and Final exams will be made at least annually by Council
A consolidation of material made available by the RCoA to assist a candidate in exam studies
Primary MCQ Exam
Primary OSCE-SOE
Final FRCA Written