Final FRCA SOE – next sitting

Countdown to closing date for applications:
Closing date: 
22 October 2019, 17:00

Exam date: w/c 2 December 2019

Future dates: 

The Final SOE comprises of two sections; Clinical short cases with linked clinical science questions and Clinical anaesthesia (long and short cases). The aim of the clinical parts of the exam are to complement the WBA and examine the understanding and theoretical application of knowledge in clinical practice.


Please be aware that your eligibility is based on information that you must provide to the college in advance of an applicationand so, if we have not received copies of certain documents you will be unable to complete an online application.  These documents include: Initial Assessments of Competency (IACs) and Core Level Training Certificates (CLTCs) or their equivalents, such as MTI supervisor’s reports, NHS appraisals or ICM Stage 1 certificates.  The documents that should be submitted in advance are outlined in the exam regulations.

If you need to submit your certificates, or have any other query, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on

For further information about on-line exam applications please visit the FAQ page.

The Final SOE is a stand-alone exam.  It comprises of two sections:

  1. Four clinical short cases each with linked clinical science questions
  2. Clinical anaesthesia, long case followed by two stand-alone short case

Example questions in the new formats can be found on related downloads on the Final FRCA SOE resources page

Success in the Final Written examination (in the preceding three years) is required before you can enter the SOE. 

When and where
The Final SOE examinations are held in December and June each academic year.  All SOE examinations are held at the College in Red Lion Square.

Number of attempts
A maximum of six attempts, you must submit an AET FORM1 at least three months before the sixth attempt.

A pass in the Final Written is valid for three years as part eligibility towards the Final FRCA SOE.  The Primary FRCA is valid for seven years as part eligibility towards the Final FRCA exams.

Results and statistics

Details of results and statistics for all FRCA exams can be found here.

Guidance is offered after more than one failed attempt on request.

Details of candidate resources for the Final SOE exam can be found on the Resource for Candidate, Final SOE page of this Website. 

A quick eligibility check is set out below. You must be:

Final SOE - maximum six attempts
Registered with the GMC (UK) AND


  • Currently registered as a UK trainee in Anaesthesia, or registered as a trainee in Anaesthesia with the College of Anaesthetists, Ireland OR
  • Currently sponsored under the RCoA IP and employed as an anaesthetist in a NHS post for six months.  Appraisal required OR
  • Currently registered with the their respective College; a former UK trainee UK or Ireland and left training no more than five years. Or Specialty/SAS grade who left training more than five years and has RA support  OR
  • Currently registered with the College; a former trainee (more than five years) or a non-UK anaesthetic trainee who has been employed in a UK NHS post as an anaesthetist for 12 months.  Appraisal required, AND
Passed the Primary FRCA examination or exemption qualification and the Final Written examination AND
Awarded the Core Level Training Certificate (Not IP, former trainee (more than five years) or non-UK trainee)

The full eligibility for this exam is listed at Section 7 Paragraph 17 of the Examination Regulations.