Current Examiners


Examiner (Selection and Appointment) Regulations

Examiner Regulations are available below (see related downloads).  These regulations include Person Specification and Job Description for examiners.

Examiner update training, Appraisal and Quality Assurrance

Established examiners will be given regular training through update sessions and sharing best practice meetings. All examiners are expected to undertake annual E&D training  All examiners will be subject to quality assurance of their performance (audit). All examiners receive an Appraisal at the end of their probationary year, at year five (Primary) , or year seven (Final) and  on completion of their first year in a new examiner board.

Availability for examinations
The Chair of the relevant Board of Examiners will send an email via the examinations department each year to ascertain examiners availability to attend exams for the forthcoming academic year.  Primary examiners must make themselves available for two out of three exam diets.  Final must make themselves available for both SOE exams and both standard checking days.  All dates are listed on the examination calendars.

Examiners’ allowances
A full list of examiners’ allowances can be found in the examiners' handbook which is located in the Examiners Secure Area.

Examination question banks
Examinations chairs and core group leads will advise the head of examinations regarding who should be provided access to the secure on-line question banks.  The examinations department will advise examiners of username and password.  The IP address and terms and conditions of use are posted on the Examiners Secure Area.

Examiners’ Secure Area
Exam specific information, such as allocations, hotel bookings etc. are posted in the Examiners Secure Area around two weeks before the forthcoming exam.  Examiners are advised to check this area regularly. This is not regulated by the head of examinations.  If you are a current examiner and you do not currently have access to the secure area, please contact the Website Supervisor.