Advanced Pain Training

Advanced Pain Training is delivered over a minimum 12 month period in designated multi-disciplinary specialist centres where trainees are expected to undertake a wide variety of training in pain management spanning the full range of pain medicine treatment options/plans. Advanced Pain Training is considered the minimum required for those aiming for a consultant appointment with sessions in pain medicine and the Faculty of Pain Medicine recommend that those who are appointed as Lead for Acute Pain Services should have completed this training. Trainees should acquire a comprehensive knowledge of Pain Medicine service delivery as well as being able to assess a wide variety of patients with pain and becoming technically proficient in a range of procedures used in Pain Medicine.

In December 2013, the Anaesthetic CCT curriculum was amended to include the following statement regarding Advanced Pain Trainees undertaking Anaesthetic service:

'It is unlikely that trainees who spend time outside of the Pain Medicine environment engaged in general anaesthetic duties will be able to successfully obtain all of the competencies required to complete Advanced Pain Training. Therefore, the expectation is that trainees will need to spend substantially the whole of their daytime working hours engaged in pain medicine related duties. This of course would not prevent pain trainees being used on occasion to provide general anaesthetic cover for unforeseen emergency cases.'

In November 2016 a Training Programme Update was released which provides guidance for work patterns for trainees undertaking APT. Please click here to read the full guidance.

Further information can be found by following the Curriculum link below.

All Advanced Pain Trainees are requested to register with the Faculty, please click HERE to download the form and return it to

Dr Jonny Rajan has written an article to help post-trainees prepare for consultant applications.  Please click here to read this article.


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