Evidence Base

The FPM Evidence Base is a collection of national and international guidelines and Cochorane reviews relating to Pain Medicine.

In order to maintain this resource, the Faculty invites submission (subject to copyright laws) of relevant, published articles. Please forward these to contact@fpm.ac.uk

Please click on the boxes below for more information about each area of Pain Medicine. You can see the full articles by clicking on the blue titles in each sub-section. 


Pharmacological therapies, Psychological therapies and Neuromodulation
Myofascial Pain, Fibromyalgia & Musculoskeletal Pain
Patient Education, Invasive Procedures, Physical, Psychological and Pharmacological Therapies and more.
Neuromodulation, Psychological Therapies, Patient Education, Invasive Therapies
Including, Trigeminal Neuralgia, CRPS and more.
Migraine, Cluster and Tension Headaches, Facial Pain
Pharmacological, Invasive and Psychological Therapies
More information on Abdominal Pain
Pharmacological, Invasive Therapies and Neuromodulation
More information on Chest Pain