Professional Affairs FAQs

I would like to plan a Pain Management service or check my current service is up to national standard.  Is there guidance?
Core Standards for Pain Management Services was produced by the FPM in collaboration with a number of partners across the multiprofessional spectrum.  It contains a series of standards and recommendations on all aspects of a Pain Management service.


I am beginning to specialise in SCS, IDD, Cancer Pain or Paediatric Pain.  Is there any guidance from the Faculty on the competencies I should achieve?
Please visit our Guidelines and Publications page to access these documents.


I would like to engage with my national stakeholder / local politician.  Does the Faculty have any documents that could assist with this?
The Right Patient Right Professionals Right Time initiative was launched in 2015 and has two documents aimed at engaging stakeholders in Pain Medicine topics.


Does the Faculty produce any guidance for Pain Medicine practice?
Yes, these are available on our Guidelines and Publications page.  The British Pain Society has a number of guideline documents on their website.


Does the Faculty run educational events for healthcare professionals?
Yes, please visit our Events page.  Our events are open to all healthcare professionals.


I am looking for the evidence base for Pain Medicine practice for use in research or document creation.  Is there a single resource for this?
The FPM developed an evidence base which is available here.


There is a lot of variation in patient leaflets for different drugs and procedures.  Does the FPM have a single centrally approved set of leaflets?
The FPM is producing leaflets as an on-going work stream.  The published ones are available here.