For Trainees

This page serves as a portal to areas of the website relevant to trainees in Higher or Advanced Pain Medicine Training. Please use the links below to access information on the relevant topics:
I have a general query about Pain Medicine training
Please see our FAQ page
I would like to register as a trainee with the Faculty
Anaesthetic trainees who are undertaking Higher or Advanced Pain Medicine trainees should register with the Faculty.  This will ensure you are kept abreast of all relevant developments and linked in with our Trainee Representative. Please use this registration form.  If you are a foundation or core trainee and wish to register with the Faculty please complete this registration form.
I would like to know what events suitable for trainees the Faculty runs
Please see our Events page.
I would like to know about the FFPMRCA Examination
Please see our Examinations page.
I would like some guidance about undertaking anaesthetic service
Guidance can be found on page 70 of the 2010 Anaesthetic CCT curriculum
I would like to attend a Study Day
The Faculty of Pain Medicine runs bi-annual study days, which have previously covered issues as wide ranging as cancer and neuropathic pain to medico legal issues and applying for consultant posts. The programmes are themed around specific single areas of pain medicine. For more information please visit our Events page.
I need to find out who my Regional Advisor in Pain Medicine (RAPM) is
Please click here for the list of RAPMs.
I need to find out who my Trainee Representative is
Your Trainee Representative is Dr Helen Laycock.  For further information about Dr Laycock and details of how to contact her, please click here
I would like to know more about the FPM Case Report Prize.
More information can be found here.
I am preparing for a consultant post
Please find some additional information on this here.
My question has not been answered via the trainee portal, how can I contact the Faculty?
The Faculty is contactable online via our Contacts page.  If you know who you need to speak to, the individual members of the Faculties Department at the RCoA can be found here.