Faculty of Pain Medicine: 10 year anniversary


What’s in an age?

The Faculty of Pain Medicine is 10 years old this year.  In the great scheme of human endeavours, we are finishing Primary School and getting ready to don uniforms for Secondary.  It makes us 3 years older than the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and 502 years younger than the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Throughout the year we will be celebrating the achievements of the Faculty so far as well as looking at future plans and projects. We will send out monthly updates as well as having special Transmitter and 10 year anniversary Annual Meeting in December. Please keep an eye on the FPM10 page for updates. The photo below was taken at the Faculty launch event.



Find out what the Faculty has been up to for the last ten years
Some positive patient experiences of Pain Medicine Clinics
We are holding a celebratory ten year anniversary annual meeting on 1st December
Throughout 2017 we will be releasing a series of monthly updates focusing on the main areas of the Faculty and its futur