Fellowship by Examination & Assessment

The FFPMRCA examination is now a mandatory requirement for Fellowship of the Faculty of Pain Medicine. Applicants must have met the following criteria in order to be eligible:
  • Successfully passed both the MCQ and SOE portions of the FFPMRCA examination
  • Have satisfactorily completed Advanced Pain Training or equivalent
  • hold a substantive NHS or Defence Medical Service Consultant post with a committment to Pain Medicine and wish their experience to be considered

Anyone who has passed the FFPMRCA examination from the October 2017 sitting onwards will automatically be awarded FFPMRCA.

Anyone who passed the FFPMRCA examination at a prior sitting are still required to submit an application form in order to be awarded FFPMRCA

When you submit your FFPMRCA application you must include the following:
  • Application form signed by the relevant RAPM/Clinical Director
  • Examination pass letter
  • 2 case reports and marking sheets (if APT completed before 1st January 2015) OR 1 case report (if APT completed after 1st January 2015)
  • Logbook
Please note: Trainees who are currently undertaking but have not yet completed training in Advanced Pain Medicine are not eligible to become a Fellow of the Faculty.
Please send the application forms and supporting documents electronically to contact@fpm.ac.uk.

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