The Faculty is regularly asked to provide feedback on consultations produced by various organisations such as NICE or NHS England. Below are some of the Faculty responses to recent consultations.

Consultation Faculty Responses Published guidelines
NHSE Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care: Guidance for CCGs FPM response November 2017
Scottish Gov - Management of Chronic Pain in children & young people FPM response March 2018
NICE- Low back pain FPM response July 2017
NICE - Improving Palliative Care FPM response  
DH - Fair and Transparent Pricing for NHS Services FPM response August 2015
NICE - Care of the Dying Adult FPM response December 2015
DH - Freedom to Speak Up FPM response  
GMC - Fitness to Practise FPM response  
DH - ACCEA Triennial Review FPM response March 2015
GMC - Confidentiality FPM response  
GMC/NMC Duty of Candour FPM response  
Home Office - Rescheduling Tramadol FPM & BPS response July 2013
GMC - Concerns about Doctors FPM response  
ACMD - Diversion and Supply of Illicit Medicines Enquiry FPM & BPS response  
DH - Fundamental Standards FPM response  
NICE - Sickle Cell Crisis FPM response April 2014
Scottish Gov - Provision of Residential Chronic Pain Services FPM response  
Dept of Transport - Drug Driving FPM response March 2015
NICE - Children and Young People with Cancer FPM response Feb 2014
NICE - Neuropathic Pain Pharmacological Management FPM response Nov 2013
NICE - Headaches in Young People and Adults FPM response Aug 2013
Shape of Training FPM response Oct 2013