1st Month

Please see the FPM Assessments page for details of the assessments you need to complete in order to be signed off at the end of your Advanced Pain Training. 

Complete the Quarterly Assessment Review form prior to this meeting. 

You will also need 1 x CBD, 1 A-CEX and 1 x DOPs assessment completed as a minimum. These can be recorded on the ePortfolio or as paper versions which can be downloaded from the FPM Assessments page. 

Your logbook will be used to sign off your completion of Advanced Pain Training and as evidence should you decided to apply for Fellowship of the FPM. 

It is a requirement to have completed 6 months of Advanced Pain Medicine Training prior to the SOE. See the FFPMRCA Examinations page for dates and details.  The FFPMRCA examination is not required to complete your Advanced Pain Training and obtain your CCT in Anaesthetics. It is however, mandatory to become a Fellow of the Faculty. 

  • Ensure you are familiar with the final criteria for the completion of Advanced Pain Training.
    • Arrange your Quarterly Review
    • Ensure your logbook is up to date
    • Consider when you would like to sit the FFPMRCA