After 1 Year

After 1 year you need to arrange a meeting with your RAPM to sign off your Advanced Pain Training. At this stage you should have completed: 

  • 4 x A-CEX
  • 4 x CBD
  • 6 x DOP
  • 4 quarterly reviews
  • 2 case reports and marking sheets (if APT completed before 1st January 2015) OR 1 case report (if APT completed after 1st January 2015)
  • 16-20 sessions of cancer pain
  • all competencies prescribed in the Advanced Level curriculum

If you're using an electronic portfolio then all workplace based assessments should be linked to the curriculum

  • Now you've completed your training, you need to consider type of department you would like to work in as a Consultant in the future. The FPM website has some guidance on Preparing for a Consulant Post which you may find useful.  

If you're not at the end of your training, you will need to think about how to maintain your APT skills during the final part of your Anaesthetic training. The FPM has produced some guidance on this in their Trainee Response and advises that you should try to maintain at least one session in Pain Medicine per week; you should discuss this with your RAPM and TPD early to avoid rota and administrative issues. 

In January 2014 it became compulsory for all Fellowship applicants to have passed the FFPMRCA Examination however, passing the examination doesn't automatically grant you Fellowship. In order to become a Fellow you will need to: 

  • Send in your case report(s) and marking sheet(s) to be cross marked by the Faculty; this is purely for standard setting purposes among the LPMESs and RAPMs and will not affect your original score or your sign off. 
  • Complete and submit the Fellowship by Examination and Assessment application form; this requires the signature of your RAPM to confirm that you've successfully completed your Advanced Pain Training. 
  • In addition you will also need to submit a copy of your examination pass letter and your logbook.

As a Fellow, you may use the post nominal FFPMRCA (or DFRPMCA if you don't have FRCA), be eligible to stand for and vote in FPM Board elections and will receive the Faculty newsletter Transmitter bi-annually. You will also be kept up to date with all Faculty and College developments. Please visit our Membership page for further information.