After 9 Months

After 9 months of Advanced Pain Training you should have completed: 

  • Submitting your case report to LPMES or RAPM for marking
  • 3 x A-CEX, 3 x CBD, 4 x DOPs
  • 3 quarterly reviews
  • a completed and up to date logbook

Exam Tutorials

You may also have sat the second (VIVA) part of the FFPMRCA or have considered if/when you would like to do this. The Faculty of Pain Medicine runs an Exam Tutorial Course at the RCoA twice a year to assist trainees in preparing for the exam; these are interactive days covering a wide range of topics through workshops and lectures. Trainees are expected to do some preparation for the day to encourage disuccsion and interactive learning. For further information, please visit our FFPMRCA exam tutorials page

The Scottish RAPMs also run a course once a year which is exclusively VIVA practice; if you're interested in attending this course please contact the FPM who can forward your enquiry.