Before You Start

The registration form can be downloaded here; please ask your Regional Advisor in Pain Medicine to sign it and return it to the FPM at

Registering with the Faculty will enable them to keep you up to date with all training developments and events. Your email address will be forwarded to the FPM Trainee Representative to include you in the Annual Trainee Survey and the Trainee's Google Group; this is an informal group for to discuss training successes and voice concerns. Although the FPM has no formal involvement, issues raised within this group have led to changes being made.


Advanced Pain Medicine Training is part of the 2010 Anaesthetic CCT curriculum  and the competencies required for completion of Advanced Pain Training in Annex E can be found here.


Trainees are required to maintain a pain logbook; an example of which may be found on the FPM website with links to download all the necessary software. For further information, please visit our logbook page.  If you have any problems downloading or using this, please contact


It is also advisable to contact your educational supervisor (LPMES) prior to starting as this will enable you to have a better knowledge of what resources are available to you and start to timetable these into your year to ‘hit the ground running’.

You may also like to make contact with your Regional Advisor in Pain Medicine (RAPM) as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience.  

  • Register with the Faculty of Pain Medicine at the Royal College of Anaesthetists.
    • Familiarise yourself with the advanced curriculum requirements.
    • Set up and familiarise yourself with the faculty of pain logbook.
    • Make contact with your new Pain Department.