Overseas Training

Overseas Training
Trainees who are planning to undertake training in pain medicine in an overseas post are strongly advised to seek advice from their Regional Advisors in both Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine. Significant changes may occur to the rules and regulations regarding the recognition of overseas training for CCT. At present it is likely that overseas training would still count towards the Fellowship of the Faculty but it is absolutely essential that:

  1. prospective approval is obtained;
  2. a detailed logbook and portfolio is kept during the overseas period;
  3. verification that the training has been completed successfully is obtained from the Head of Department in the overseas institution; and 
  4. certification of competency to the standard of advanced pain training is obtained from the Regional Advisor in Pain Medicine in the UK.

Overseas training will be assessed against the criteria for competency based training as described in the CCT Training Documents. The criteria for competency based training are the same irrespective of where training is undertaken.

Overseas doctors
The RCoA website provides full information on the main routes for anaesthetists who want to come to the UK to train or work (which is relevant to pain medicine specialists). For more information please visit the Overseas Doctors Working in the UK webpages on the RCoA website.

For general information, you are first advised to consult the General Medical Council's document Important information for International Medical Graduates. Any doctor considering coming to the UK should also read the NHS information for Overseas Qualified staff.