FPM Logbook

The FPM is happy to announce that the smartphone HanDBase version of the logbook for Pain Medicine is now available. Guidance on how to get this software on your smartphone can be found below. 

Version two of the FPM Logbook is now ready for use.  This follows version one of the logbook for Pain Medicine as developed by Dr Roger Laishley and Dr Barry Miller on behalf of the Faculty of Pain Medicine.

The logbook has been developed as a standalone record using a spreadsheet model and will work with Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or iWork.  There is an FAQ included for further information within the spreadsheet. If you have any queries not covered in the FAQ, please email fpmlogbook@rcoa.ac.uk.  Guidance can be found below for those who wish to transfer their data from version one to version two of the logbook.

Please click here to download a .zip file which contains the iPainLogbook database files; these can be used by iPhone, android and other systems capable of running HanDBase software.