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UK Pain Messages

There are a large number of messages used for Chronic Pain by a variety of organisations. The aim of the UK Pain Messages is to define and gain consensus and consistency over the facts and figures used when highlighting the burden of Chronic Pain in the UK. These messages, separately in the public domain, have been approved by the following organisations/individuals:

  • Faculty of Pain Medicine
  • Royal College of General Practitioners' Chronic Pain Lead
  • British Pain Society
  • Chronic Pain Policy Coalition
  • And importantly, patients via Pain UK

Please click here to view these messages.


Innovations and Reflections


‘Innovations and Reflections’ is a new area on the Faculty’s website that encourages Fellows and pain management teams to post examples of innovative practice. These could be illustrations of exceptional practice or reflections of difficulties faced and how these were overcome (or not). It is hoped that by sharing ideas, people will be encouraged to consider what they could do to improve their local service and how to go about this.        

The Faculty of Pain Medicine welcomes current and relevant submissions for inclusion.  These will be considered by the Faculty of Pain Medicine Professional Standards Committee.  The maximum word limit for submissions is 800 words.  To allow for queries from those that may want to implement a similar ‘innovation’ in their place of work, we would request authors to provide a contact email address to be published with the submission. 


The FPM often receives requests to distribute Surveys to our Fellows and Members. The decision was taken to not forward on non-FPM surveys, so as not to overload our Fellows and Members with emails.

We are aware that these surveys can however be of interest so, without any endorsement from the FPM,  this page will list surveys which the FPM has been asked to distribute, so you may complete them if you wish.

If you wish to add a survey to this page, please contact us at

Current surveys:

No Current surveys. 

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