Accurate workforce data is essential for the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) to advise on current and future training needs. A census of the UK Pain Medicine UK workforce was undertaken in 2012 and its analysis can be found via the links below. This data has recently been used to answer questions raised by the Centre for Workforce Intelligence’s (CfWI) in-depth review of the Anaesthesia workforce, commissioned by The Department of Health (DoH) and Health Education England (HEE).

Currently there is shortfall in pain medicine specialists in some healthcare regions in England & Wales. In the absence of service redesign, this will necessitate enhanced recruitment above the rate or retirement. In the next 20-30 years the UK will have an increasingly elderly population. Together with an expected increase in diabetes, painful chronic diseases and surgical procedures, the burden of chronic pain on patients and society will continue to increase.

The FPM is committed to ensuring that pain medicine training standards and opportunities are maintained and will continue to engage with workforce planning organisations to meet this demand. To this end on-going workforce information is being recorded biannually and a further full census is planned for 2018.

Workforce Articles

Health Education England - Call for Evidence

In August 2014, Health Education England (HEE) issued a 'Call for Evidence' to assist them in improving the accuracy of their future workforce planning and service delivery. The FPM responded with a detailed submission which you can read below.

For more information on the 2014/15 workforce plan please visit the HEE website

Appointment Advisory Committee (AAC) Data

The table below shows the number of Consultants posts with an interest in Pain Medicine available since 2007. The table also shows the number of AAC panels which were cancelled during the same period; panels are cancelled for a number of reasons however, the most common cause is a lack of suitable applicants. 

Year Consultant Posts AACs Cancelled
2007 32 3
2008 38 3
2009 38 1
2010 31 6
2011 19 0
2012 39 3
2013 31 2
2014 46 8
2015 48 6
2016 37 7

Figures taken from the RCoA AAC data.

Advanced Pain Training Posts

The table below shows the number of Advanced Pain Training posts available in each region. This data was taken from the July 2016 RAPM Bi-Annual Report submissions. 

Region Posts 
Northern Ireland 1
East of Scotland 1
North of Scotland 2
South East Scotland 1
West of Scotland 1
Wales 3
Anglia Flexible
Leicester & South Trent 2
Mersey 3
North Thames 9
North West 2
Northern 4
Nottingham & Mid-Trent 1
Oxford 1
Sheffield & North Trent 2
South Thames 8
Severn 2
Peninsula 2
Wessex 2
West Midlands 4
Yorkshire 3