Fitter Better Sooner: additional resources for healthcare professionals

The following are additional resources to help you signpost patients to the Fitter Better Sooner toolkit.

You will also find instructions below on how to download the animation for playing on your internal TV systems in waiting areas.

If you require assistance or any further information, please email



Download a copy of the animation here


This can be used on internal TV screens in departments, clinics or waiting rooms.


NOTE: when the page loads, hover over the animation screen and click on the three white vertical dots on the right-hand side of the screen to download an MP4 file.


The Fitter Better Sooner animation is also available in PowerPoint format and can be requested by emailing



Download own print and professional print versions of our A5 flyer and A4 and A3 wall posters:



*Please do not include any hospital, trust or external branding on the leaflet or poster when printing. No amendments may be made to the text, layout, colours or formatting of the artwork.



Download 3 x 7 or 2 x 7 stickers/labels to use on patient notes:




Download copies of the Fitter Better Sooner toolkit below including the six specific leaflets on preparing for some of the most common surgical procedures:



Printing our leaflets


If you would like to order larger print run numbers of any of the above leaflets for your hospital or trust, please do so directly with your own local printer. The Communications Department can supply you with the necessary high-resolution, print-ready artwork to pass on to your printer on the understanding that:


  1. No hospital, trust or external branding is included on the front cover of the leaflet. You may include your contact and/or address details on the back if you wish.
  2. No amendments are to be made to the text, layout, colours, branding or formatting of the leaflet either by yourselves or the printers.


Listen to Dr Hilary Swales' podcast on Fitter Better Sooner by clicking on the image below: