Author articles for The International Anaesthetist e-newsletter

The College thrives because of our strong membership. We want to involve you in our work, shaping future strategy and volunteering for the many roles available within the College.

Whether you have ten minutes or ten hours a month, whether you can travel or prefer to engage locally/remotely, there is a role for you.

We value your time and support.

Author articles for The International Anaesthetist e-newsletter

Typically writing an article of approximately 500 words. National/international. No travel required.

Role overview

The College are looking for international members to submit articles of interest for inclusion in the new international member e-newsletter The International Anaesthetist.

It is intended that The International Anaesthetist be written by members of the College based overseas, which should demonstrate the diversity of the membership and the situations in which they are working. We are very open to suggestions for topics and themes. 


  • Submitting an article written in English meeting the required word count and publication deadlines for approval by the Editor.


  • Share knowledge and experience with a junior colleague who will often be undertaking work in a low resource setting for the first time.
  • Provide significant support to an individual working to improve anaesthetic training and patient experience in low and middle income countries.


  • Being a member in good standing with the College.
  • Ability to submit a well-researched article in the English language.

How to apply

If you are interested in submitting an article, please email