Clinical Director (CD) Executive Member

The College thrives because of our strong membership. We want to involve you in our work, shaping future strategy and volunteering for the many roles available within the College.

Whether you have ten minutes or ten hours a month, whether you can travel or prefer to engage locally/remotely, there is a role for you.

We value your time and support.

Clinical Director (CD) Executive Member

Member of the CD Executive Committee.

Mainly e-mail correspondence, approx. 8 to 12 hrs pm; attendance at the CD meetings (two per year); four to five National Executive Committee Meetings per year (usually by teleconference and/or arranged around National CD meetings); representation at around three other College Committee meetings per year. National, travel required.


  • Maintain and develop the CD Network.
  • Help organise and promote the CD days.
  • Respond to consultations as requested by President’s Meeting.
  • Work with other College Committees and groups on CD-related issues.
  • Support the CD Exec chair and occasionally deputise for their attendance at RCoA Council.
  • Mainly e-mail correspondence, approximately 8 to 12 hours a month.
  • Attendance at the CD meetings (two per year).
  • Attend four to five National Executive Committee Meetings per year (usually carried out by teleconference and/or arranged around National CD meetings).
  • Representation at around three other College Committee meetings per year.


  • Clinical Director (or other job titles, eg Clinical Lead with management responsibilities in anaesthetic department).
  • FRCA or equivalent.
  • Current Clinical Director, in good standing, holder of substantive post in anaesthesia/ICM/pain.
  • Experience of significant managerial responsibilities for service delivery, experience of Committee work, strong leadership and organisational skills
  • Broad understanding of the College.
  • Approachable, hard working and committed.
  • Supported by employing trust in applying for role, eg using your SPAs for this.

How to apply

You must be a member of the Clinical Director Network. The College advertises for this role (via email to the CD network) approximately every two to three years (depending on requirements). If you are interested in finding out more about the clinical directors network, or if you are a clinical director (or equivalent), and would like to join, please see the website or contact Clinical Directors are welcome to express an interest and your name can be kept on record until the next recruitment round.