Clinical Directors (CD) Network

The College thrives because of our strong membership. We want to involve you in our work, shaping future strategy and volunteering for the many roles available within the College.

Whether you have ten minutes or ten hours a month, whether you can travel or prefer to engage locally/remotely, there is a role for you.

We value your time and support.

Clinical Directors (CD) Network

The RCoA Clinical Directors Network is a voluntary database of anaesthetists, critical care and pain clinicians who have management responsibilities within departments of anaesthesia – such roles may be known as Clinical Directors, Clinical Leads, Specialty Leads for Clinician or a variety of other possibilities. All such role-holders are welcome to join the Network by emailing the address below. Once added to the Network you will receive invitations to the two Clinical Directors’ Days, run jointly with the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI), as well as access to a confidential discussion forum hosted on the College website.

Time required dependent on your engagement and interests. National, no travel required.


  • There may be an opportunity to respond to consultations but on the whole, the role is dependent on your Engagement, eg use of confidential forum, attending CD days, support with finding a successor.
  • Commitment dependant on your own engagement, national role – no travel required.


You must be a Clinical Director (or equivalent job title such as Clinical Lead with management responsibilities in anaesthetic department).

How to apply

Please contact for further information or view the pages available here.