The Cappuccini Test - an audit of supervision

The Cappuccini Test is a simple six-question audit designed to pick up issues relating to supervision of anaesthetists in training and non-consultant career grade doctors (NASG) who do not fit the description in Guidelines for the Provision of Anaesthesia Services (GPAS) of 'SAS anaesthetists that local governance arrangements have agreed in advance are able to work in those circumstances without consultant supervision.'

The audit comprises the following steps:

Identify about 20 elective lists over a two-three week period that will conducted by a trainee or NASG without direct, on-the-spot supervision. Attend the theatre during the list and ask the trainee/NASG:

  1. who is supervising you (name)?
  2. how would you get hold of them if you needed them now?
  3. use the answer to question 2 to attempt to contact the supervising consultant yourself. If you can’t get hold of them, record this on the audit tool. If you do get hold of them, ask them:
  4. which lists (ie who) are you currently supervising?
  5. what surgical specialty are they doing now, do you know of any issues that they are concerned about?
  6. if they required your help, would you be able to attend?

Further information can be found here.

If you (or the person completing the audit), have any questions, please contact Emily Basra, RCoA Patient Safety Manager on 0207 092 1576 or

For more information on the Cappuccini Test please see the two media reports below: