GPAS Chapter Development Project

GPAS Development Process
We received accreditation from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for the development process implemented for all GPAS chapters. As part of this process, we are encourage anaesthetists to join as authors, members of the Chapter Development Groups (CDG) and peer reviewers.

Why are we doing this?
Accreditation by an external and nationally recognised body such as NICE adds to the credibility of the process and allows for a wider application of our guidelines. 

The RCoA’s new process for the development of the GPAS gained accreditation for the first time in recognition of the robustness and validity of this new approach.Three chapters were developed to pilot the new process in 2015, and were published in January 2016:

The diagram below illustrates the GPAS development process that is being undertaken.

How do I get involved?

There are three ways to get involved with GPAS chapter development:

Each chapter is written by at least two authors (most chapters have four). The authors conduct the literature review, draft the chapters and respond to consultation feedback, supported by a multidisciplinary chapter development group (see below). For more information about the role of an author, click here for the author job description.

Chapter Development Groups (CDG)

The CDG develops the GPAS chapter. Each CDG consists of the authors, subject-matter experts, a Clinical Director, anaesthetists of different grades, the researcher who conducts the literature search and at least one lay member to represent the interests of patients. Non-author members of the CDG will be expected to comment on the draft of the chapter, and contribute to developing the recommendations based on the literature review undertaken.

CDG roles for the current chapters under development have been filled. For more information on being a CDG member, click here for the CDG Member Job Description.

Peer Review and Public Consultation

The aim of the peer review and public consultation process is to provide a fresh perspective on the recommendations drafted by the CDG.

Peer reviewers may consist of anaesthesia-related professional organisations, patient groups and academic teams. They will be chosen based on their experience and expertise in a particular area.
The public consultation is open to anyone who is interested in the content of the chapter, either individually or as an organisation.

If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer, or wish to be contacted when the public consultation opens, please email the GPAS  co-ordinator at:

For more information
For further information, please contact the GPAS co-ordinator at: