Dual Training in ICM and Anaesthesia

Trainees have the option of completing Dual CCTs in Anaesthetics and ICM. Trainees complete both CCTs concurrently and some competencies achieved in one discipline are recognised as covering the same competencies in the other discipline. That means that the Dual CCT programme will normally be between 8¼ to 8½ years in duration instead of 14 years if the two CCTs had to be completed independently. The concept is the same as a university student completing two degrees at the same time such as a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Laws.

For most trainees, the following diagram represents what the dual programme for the anaesthetist will consist of:

The expectation is that the trainee who leaves the dual programme with a CCT in anaesthetics will have met the same anaesthesia standards, skills and knowledge as a trainee who only completes a single CCT in anaesthetics. The dual CCT holder will have a greater diversity of skills and knowledge in diagnosis of medical complaints acquired through the medicine component of the ICM programme.

More information on intensive care is available on the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine website.