Senior Fellows and Members Club (SFMC)

The next meeting will be held in Liverpool on Thursday 7 November 2019 at the Liverpool Medical Institute. The topic is 'Burma Railway Medicine' and the lecture will be delivered by Professor Geoff Gill from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.



Are you approaching retirement and would like to know what happens next?

The Club is for Fellows or members of the College who are approaching or have already retired from clinical practice. By retaining your membership with the College, you will be continuing your support for the important work the College does and the specialty as a whole.  In addition, your affiliation with the College will give you a chance to remain connected with the College and provide you with opportunities to meet with colleagues and peers (both old and new) at our social events.


Keeping in touch with updates on anaesthesia and your College
By remaining with the College, you are guaranteed to be kept informed about changes and developments that are happening in the field of anaesthesia, and the work of the College.

  • By joining the SFMC, with the BJA, you will continue to receive all of our monthly journals, which includes the BJA, BJA Education and the bi-monthly Bulletin and all other standard mailings.
  • If you do not wish to continue receiving the BJA, we have a lighter option available. By joining the SFMC, without the BJA, you will continue to receive our bi-monthly Bulletin and all other standard mailings, such as the monthly eNewsletter from our President.

For more information on subscription rates please click here

  • You can opt in to receive a regular newsletter which will give you an update on RCoA led/endorsed research. Please contact James Goodwin for further information.
  • If you live in one of our devolved nations, you will receive a regular newsletter which will give you an update on what is happening in the region (you may opt out).
  • You can access webcasts – e-video recordings of lectures (including lecture slides) from selected College events.
  • The College's website is regularly updated to keep you informed on current news and developments within the specialty.
  • You are welcome to contact the College with any anaesthetic, critical care or pain management queries (
  • If you are a member of one of the Faculties, you will continue to receive their regular mailings in addition to those of the College ( or

What are the SFMC meetings and where are they held?
The College is proud to provide its SFMC with an opportunity to enjoy scientific, cultural and educational meetings, followed by lunch, where there is a chance to socialise with attendees. 

Meetings are held twice a year ‒ previously in June and November ‒ between 10.30am and 2.30pm. There is normally an introduction from the SFMC chair with the President giving an update on College News and then there is a guest speaker.  After the lecture, lunch is provided which includes wine, and there is plenty of time for members to catch up with friends and colleagues.

You will receive an invitation at least eight weeks prior to the event.  The meeting is only open to members of the Senior Fellow Club, however, if there are spaces available members are welcome to bring a guest. 

Whilst two out of three meetings are held in London, we hold one meeting every 18 months outside of London. In recent years we have taken our SFMC meeting to York, Cambridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

The content of our previous lectures have covered a rich variety of topics which have included: 'Climate change to Extinction', 'Trust Me, I am a Doctor', 'Life of Wine', 'Murder most Curious', 'The History of Magic', 'Everest First Ascent – the untold story of Griffith Pugh', 'Life, the Universe and Everything' and many more.  

What are the benefits of continuing your support?

By continuing your support, you will be investing into the future of anaesthesia, which is the largest single hospital specialty in the NHS.

By continuing your support with us:

  • you will help improve the quality of patient care through the setting of standards for anaesthesia and patient care.  The College works with anaesthetists to improve the service they provide, supported by high-quality research, which focuses on improving patients' safety, wellbeing and outcomes
  • you will be helping us communicate the central role of anaesthesia in patient care. We aim to strengthen our position as the expert anaesthetic body, by extending our influence and sharing our expertise. We aim to provide our specialty with a powerful and collective voice, that influences the health sector and continue to increase our profile
  • you will be supporting careers and workforce planning: The College supports the careers of anaesthetists, from the time they consider a career in medicine through to their retirement.

By continuing to support the College you will personally be entitled to:

  • retention of your post nominals
  • regular up to date information about current anaesthesia news
  • a 50% discount on most courses and events.
  • attend two organised events a year (at an additional cost), of which 1 out of 3 will be outside London
  • access to the CPD system (if required for clinical practice)
  • access to the College's e-Learning programme whilst working in the NHS
  • access to webcasts on selected courses and events
  • College mailings (dependent on your choice)
  • regular newsletters with updates on RCoA led/endorsed research (by request)
  • knowledge that your continued support will help with standards, guidance and patient safety.

Find out about our previous SFMC meetings

To find out more about previous SFMC meetings please follow the links below:

Reports of the SFMC meetings are published around two months after the meeting has taken place.

If you are interested in joining the SFMC, please contact the Membership Department.