AaE: An Introduction

Course Overview
Anaesthetists as Educators: An Introduction provides an introduction to post graduate medical education in anaesthesia. The course is suitable for trainees, SAS doctors and consultants who have had no previous training in teaching or medical education.

This course provides the ground work for the Anaesthetists as Educators: Teaching and Training in the Workplace course, which is a natural follow on.

The course provides:

  • An overview of the educational landscape as it is today: regulatory bodies and their interrelationships, governance of medical education, where anaesthetists delivering training fit in.
  • An introduction to how adults learn.
  • How to teach: in theatre and by giving lectures.
  • An introduction to clinical and educational supervision from the trainees' point of view, including appraisal.
  • Overview of assessment in anaesthesia, including workplace-based assessment and where it fits in.
  • Principles of recognition and dealing with the trainee with problems.

The RCoA Anaesthetists as Educators Programme can support trainers in meeting the requirements for GMC Recognition and Approval of Trainers. The course content is mapped to the GMC’s seven domains and participation in this course will provide supporting evidence towards the GMC approval process for named educational supervisors and named clinical supervisors.

See GMC Recognition and Approval of Trainers for more information.

Academy of Medical Educators Course accreditation

AaE: An Introduction and AaE: Teaching and Training in the Workplace have been officially accredited by the Academy of Medical Educators. This means, that anyone who completes both courses and the associated homework (from January 2014) in the designated time period* will be able to apply for Membership of the Academy without the need to complete the full application form. Instead, you will only be required to provide confirmation from the College (e.g. your CPD certificates) that you have successfully completed the accredited courses and to sign a declaration that you support the aims and values of the Academy.

For more information on the Anaesthetists as Educators AoME Course Accreditation and the benefits of becoming a member of the AoME please click here.

*In order to be eligible for the accreditation you will have had to complete the AaE: Teaching and Training in the Workplace course within 18 months of attending AaE: An Introduction and have completed the associated homework for each course in the stipulated timeframes. Details on the homework for AaE: An Introduction can be found below.

Anaesthetists as Educators: An Introduction – Homework

The task: The homework will be a written reflection on how you might use the information and skills learnt from the course. The exact topic to cover in your reflection will vary per course and will be set by the instructors on the day.

Format: A Word document consisting of 500–1000 words.

Submission and assessment: The assignment will be submitted via email. It must be submitted within one month of the course, after which, it will not be accepted. The instructors present on the day of the course will assess the homework and the delegate will be informed of approval within 6 weeks of their submission.

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Anaesthetists as Educators Course Articles


A series of articles designed to complement the RCoA Anaesthetists as Educators courses. The articles cover key educational topics relevant to teaching and learning within the context of clinical anaesthesia. However, each article is written from the perspective of the ‘developing educator’ and it is hoped that any grade or level of anaesthetist could make use of the material and find it both stimulating and challenging.


The purpose of this series is about developing yourself as an effective clinical educator equipped with the necessary toolkit that will enable you to meet, and evidence, your own professional development in relation to Postgraduate Medical Education in the UK, as defined by the GMC.


To view the entire set of Course Articles, please click here.


Please refer to the articles below that are relevant for the AaE: An Introduction Course.