Patient information leaflets

This section contains information for you and your carers about anaesthesia. Much of this information is written by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. We also include links to other information written by other anaesthetic organisations specialising in different areas. The last  area links some information produced by other organisations or individuals which we think might be  helpful for you when you  prepare for an anaesthetic.

Answers to commonly asked questions about your anaesthetic are also available in the FAQs section.

Anaesthesia patient information series

A series of guides to help you prepare for your anaesthetic which give general guidance and discuss specific aspects of care.

Information for children, parents and carers

Information for children of different ages and circumstances created especially for young people and children from the age of 4 upwards.

Risks associated with your anaesthetic

Information about specific risks, concerns and complications of anaesthesia.  We have written a guide to Risks and probability designed to be read in conjunction with this series.


Anaesthesia: what you need to know

This leaflet gives information on what anaesthetists do and how you can prepare yourself for anaesthesia and surgery.


We are developing information on a wide range of anaesthetic related topics. Each will aim to be printable on one sheet of paper (double-sided) and to include links to other resources.