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Using our information in your own hospital leaflets

If you would like to order larger print run numbers of any of our leaflets for your hospital or trust, please do so directly with your own local printer. The Communications Department can supply you with the necessary high-resolution, print-ready artwork to pass on to your printer on the understanding that:

  1. No hospital, trust or external branding may be included on the front cover of the leaflet. You may include your contact and/or address details on the back if you wish.
  2. No amendments are to be made to the text, layout, colours, branding or formatting of the leaflet either by yourselves or the printers.

Can I make any changes to the text in the leaflets?
Anaesthesia explainedRees Bear has an anaestheticDavy the Detective and General Anaesthesia: A brief guide for young people have been certified by Plain English. To maintain the crystal mark and the RCoA, AAGBI and APAGBI crests, the text has to remain unchanged.

If you wish to make changes to the text in any of the other leaflets and keep the RCoA and AAGBI crests, you will need to contact the Communications Department with details of the proposed changes for approval.

Can I use portions of the text in our own hospital leaflet?
Yes but all logos/crests must be removed and the text must be accompanied by the following acknowledgement and a reference to where the original leaflet can be found:

"This publication includes text taken from The Royal College of Anaesthetists’ (RCoA) leaflet ‘insert title here, followed by year’ but the RCoA has not reviewed this as a whole".

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