Recruitment into Anaesthesia


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The Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office coordinate CT1 and ST3 recruitment to anaesthetics specialty training posts (including ACCS Anaesthetics)

Information on national recruitment can be found on the NHS Health Education West Midlands website.

Important News

In order to improve the applicant experience and increase flexibility the recruitment model changed in 2018. For more information on this please read the Applicant Guide.

Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection

For applicants looking to apply to a specialty the following information will be held on the Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection website.

  • 2019 Person Specifications
  • Indicative Vacancy Information
  • Competition Ratios
  • Applicant Guide
  • Links to individual specialty recruitment pages

For any other queries, please contact or 020 7092 1652.

EEA Eligibility

For entry to ST3 applicants are required to hold evidence of completion of the UK core anaesthetic training programme (or equivalent) and success in the UK Primary FRCA. However, in accordance with EU directive 2005/36/EC it is possible for certain individuals to provide alternative evidence in order to fulfil this requirement. For more details please see document

Competition Ratios

Competition ratios for anaesthesia CT1 and ST3 from 2014 to 2017 are available here for applicants to view. 


ORIEL is a recruitment portal for all medical and dental training posts.  For more information on ORIEL please go to the NHS Health Education West Midlands and Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection website.