Regional Adviser Anaesthesia (RAA) Appointments

Regional Advisers Anaesthesia (RAAs) are senior College representatives, appointed by Council, to represent their School and associated area, to the College and vice versa. The role largely involves training but has widened to encompass all aspects of College work; clinical quality and standards, communications, lifelong learning. Deputy RAAs (DRAA) will normally mirror RAA posts but may also be appointed to improve representation, with approval of Council.


Period of office

Three years initially with eligibility for re-appointment for further three years (max six years).


The appointment process

The appointment process is overseen by a Vice-President, on behalf of the President, and approved by Council.


East of England

Applications for the post of Regional Adviser Anaesthesia for East of England close on Friday 11 October 2019


Applications for the post of Regional Adviser Anaesthesia for Northern Region close on Friday 1 November 2019


Please see below for a copy of the application form which should be submitted to the RAAs administrator, Mrs Karen Morris, along with:

  • a short CV, focussing on educational and leadership attributes
  • a statement of what the applicant considers he/she would bring to the role (500 words max)
  • a letter of support from your Trust (Clinical Director, DME or Medical Director) acknowledging support and appropriate time to attend Regional Adviser meetings and perform duties within the School and region.

If more than one application is received, the Vice-President appoints the outgoing RAA to act on her behalf and convene a selection process. This may be a ballot or interview but must involve representation from the local School, Trusts, and educational board. The details of the selection process should be discussed with the Vice-President before commencing. In the event of no decision being made locally, the President has a casting vote which he can delegate. Final approval will be given by Council.

Please see the links below for further detailed information on the Appointment Process, Job Description and Person Specification for all posts. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Karen Morris.

All completed applications must be sent by email before 12 noon on the closing date. 

The Lead RAA representatives for the year from September 2019 to September 2020 are listed below:

  • Dr Anne Whaley, Regional Adviser Anaesthesia, Severn
  • Dr Duncan Parkhouse, Defence



Mrs Karen Morris
020 7092 1573